In September 2017, Contact opens an office in Marseille. Its mission, in PACA as elsewhere: to contribute to the dialogue between lesbians, gay, bi, trans and their families and friends.

Association CONTACT has the particularity of bringing together trans people, homo and, and parents and relatives of homosexual and bisexual who unite to help families and relatives of LGBT people through dialogue and communication. listen, and do their best to stop homophobia and transphobia.

A few words of presentation :

We want :

Help families and their friends understand and accept the sexual orientation and gender identity of their loved ones;

Helping lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans, especially young people, to communicate with their parents or those around them, helping them to assume their sexual orientation.

Fight against discrimination, especially of those who may be victims of trans people, homosexuals, bisexuals, or considered as such.

To achieve these goals, Contact offers :

listening lines, phone: confidential, conducted by volunteers trained in the methods of active listening by psychologists, listening provides support and comfort, without giving a quick fix.
A French speaking forum, sureInternet.
Interventions in schools (colleges and high schools) on affective and sexual orientations, on gender identity, on homophobia, and on Discrimination in the broad sense.
Documents made thanks to the experience of years of listening. Our brochurescontain many testimonials.

In PACA, Contact it is :

Individualized receptions: our volunteers are at the disposal of all, for a personalized approach.
Listening groups and lyrics with variable periodicity (contact us)

Other local activities, depending on the motivations of our volunteers and your ideas.
Are you gay, bi-e, lesbian, trans, or someone close to you, and you need to talk to people you trust?

Contact offers moments of exchange where families and friends can compare their experiences, meeting other parents, other relatives, who will help them cope with their situation. We offer opportunities to engage with trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual people and learn about their backgrounds and concerns.

We propose of discover how parents, relativesreact. To consider together, for those who wish it, the best way to open up to one’s family and friends, to measure the difficulties that one may be confronted with and to prepare oneself to face them, within a framework warm and caring.

Do you want to share your experience with others, to exchange?

Do you feel the need to be accompanied on the occasion of the coming out of a member of the family? Contact us